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日版 Real Action Heroes No.785 - RAH GENESIS (Kamen Rider Zero One Rising Hopper 躍昇蝗蟲型態)

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--Song Date : 02/2021 Late

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■ Product standard
altitude: Approximately 300mm
Prototype production: Shingo Okamoto & Shimon Oguma & PERFECT-STUDIO

Product special feature
・ The head "hopper eye" can emit light with LED!
· Each armor part has a complicated shape and
· Fluorescent yellow color is realistically reproduced!
· The body suit "Rise Architect" uses a
 very small honeycomb pattern fabric and a fabric with
 a different luster to reproduce the texture!
· The transformation belt "Hiden Zero One Driver"
 can be loaded with a progress key in the "Rise slot"!
 Includes transformation items "Rising Hopper Progress Key" and "Flying Falcom Progress" "Key"!
· A
 progress key can be attached to the "progress holder"on the waist !
· Dedicated weapon, "Attach Caliber" included!
 You can load the progress key in the "rise slot"!
· RAH301 Kai + special parts are used for the
 body to achieve both body line and movement!
· Supports various texture poses with various hands parts included!
· Uses a metal arm and comes with a dedicated figure stand!

Publisher / Plex
Distributor / Medicom Toy Co., Ltd.
(C) 2019 Ishimori Productions / TV Asahi / ADK EM / Toei

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