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Toy Story Legacy of Revoltech: Tokusatsu Revoltech Woody Figure

Product Name:  Legacy of Revoltech: Tokusatsu Revoltech Woody

It is a "Real" Toy!!

Woody has re-emerged as the protagonist of the popular PIXAR work "Toy Story"!

Various scenes can be reproduced by moving the eyes and completing optional components.

  • Movable eyes, complete accessories, free to pose like a play
  • The eyes can move freely from the back, producing a variety of rich expressions
  • - Includes 15 revolver joints for a wide range of movements in slender and smart contoured limbs. You can make a variety of poses.
  •  The face can be replaced by removing the front half. Both the fundamental and option faces are movable.
  • Includes toy binoculars Rennie. Put it in the hands of Woody.
  • A large number of accessories, faithfully expressing details

Product name : Legacy of Revoltech: Tokusatsu Revoltech Woody
Manufacturer planning, production: Kaiyodo selling: Ken Elephant
Prototype production Eiichiro Matsumoto
From the film "Toy Story"
■ Size: About 150mm in total height
■ Moving parts: 17 parts in total
Number of joint use: 15 pieces

Option parts

  • Option Face x 1
  • Option hand (x 4 for woody, x 1 for buzz)
  • Cowboy Hat x 1
  • Binoculars Rennie x 1
  • Microphone x1
  • Nameplate x1

Release date July, 2017
Information date 2017/04/05

(C) Disney / Pixar

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