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Herocross HMF#009/#009S 迪士尼魔法米奇和魔法掃把合金公仔


This item is a posable action figure. From the Hybrid Metal Figuration collection comes some new "迪士尼" magic with Sorcerer Mickey and the Magic Broom! Mickey's robe is made of fabric and he stands about 20cm tall (including his hat) while the Magic Broom is about 15cm tall. This detailed and highly poseable pair is a great display piece for any collection! Buy Fantasia Mickey now and celebrate 90 years of dreams with Disney!


- 大小:〜21厘米 
- 重量:〜250G
- 壓鑄式身軀和超過20個關節位。
- 身體、手臂和腿部使用合金材料。


HMF#009S 魔法米奇合金公仔 Mickey :

- 6可互換戴手套的手(PVC)
- 1魔術棒
- 展示架
- 帽子

HMF#009 魔法米奇和魔法掃把合金公仔 Mickey & The Magic Broom:
- 6可互換戴手套的手(PVC)
- 1魔術棒
- 展示架
- PVC塑膠水桶,魔法掃帚和帽子

迪士尼授權產品 / Herocross 製作

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